Club Officers

Khyati Desai – President

Tanya DeRivi-Vice President Education

Tanya joined Talk for Change in April 2011 and earned her Competent Communicator award in October 2012.  As Vice President for Education, she is responsible for planning club meetings, encouraging member participation to help progress their communication skills, and tracking their overall progress.  Tanya earned public policy degrees from the University of Southern California and has worked for the cities of Los Angeles and San Jose, most recently as a lobbyist for federal-level municipal and energy issues.  She enjoys riding Event horses, visiting her home state of California as often as possible, and venturing across the Atlantic to explore European history (particularly WWII-related).

Dianne Price- Vice President Membership

Catherine Baum – Vice President Public Relations

Catherine Baum joined Talk For Change Toastmasters in March 2011. As Vice President of Public Relations, Catherine maintains the club’s Web site and social media sites. She also communicates club business with District 36 Toastmasters. Catherine has her Competent Communicator and Competent Leader Awards. Outside of Talk for Change, Catherine is an associate producer at Double R Productions, a TV and video production company in Washington, DC. She enjoys sharing stories with family and friends, exploring new places and petting “Otto” the English Bulldog.

Reeve Tyndall – Treasurer

Maureen Gibbons-Secretary

Jeanne LaBella- Sergeant-at-Arms

Jeanne LaBella has been a member of the Talk For Change Toastmasters Club since June 2011. She serves as the club’s Sergeant at Arms and as such is responsible for making sure the club has a place to meet and that the meeting room is ready prior to each club meeting. She is senior vice president, publishing, for the American Public Power Association, the host organization for Talk For Change. She is working toward her Competent Communicator and Competent Leadership certificates. In her spare time she enjoys trying out new vegan recipes, Broadway theater, travel, reading and making quilts.


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