For Members

Roles and Responsibilities

1) Toastmaster of the Evening (TMOE)

You are the emcee. The Toastmaster is a meeting’s director and host. You won’t usually be assigned this role until you are thoroughly familiar with the club and its procedures.

As a reference, check out this Sample Agenda for a Talk for Change meeting.

Directions for TMOE: When you are TMOE_2010-2011

Speech Evaluator

By giving feedback, you are personally contributing to your fellow members’ improvement. Preparing and presenting evaluations is also an opportunity for you to practice your listening, critical thinking, feedback and motivation skills. You will provide both verbal and written evaluations for speakers using the guide in the manual.

Directions for Speech Evaluator: Your role as Speech Evaluator_2010-2011

General Evaluator

The General Evaluator is responsible for:

  • Leading the evaluation portion of the meeting
  • Evaluating everything that takes place during the club meeting

Directions for General Evaluator: When you are the General Evaluator_2010-2011

4) Timer

The timer keeps the meeting on time, and tracks the time for speeches, evaluations, and table topics.

Directions for the Timer: When you are the Timer_2010-2011

5) Grammarian/Ah-Counter

Gently counts and works to eliminate the fillers we use in our speech.

More details here:

6) Table Topicsmaster

In coordination with the TMOE, the Table Topicsmaster prepares questions (in line with the meeting theme) for impromptu speaking.

More details here:


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