Master the Skill: Public Speaking

Join Talk for Change and Young Non-Profit Professionals Network of DC September 22, 2010 for an introduction to Public Speaking with Toastmasters! Do you get queasy thinking about speaking in public? You’re not alone, over 41% of people have some fear or anxiety with speaking in front of groups. A public speaking club helps to overcome your fears and builds confidence by providing a safe … Continue reading Master the Skill: Public Speaking

The Year Ahead: Growth, Quality, Innovation

A recurring theme in all Toastmasters clubs, trainings, and meetings is that of members.  Members create the club, determine its direction, and provide the effort behind progress.  So when the time came to embark on a brand new year of Talk for Change, we started with the goals and concerns of its members.

When polling our fellow toastmasters, we discovered that their wishes for the year fell into three broad categories: growth, quality, and innovation.  For the next ten months, Anna, Adrienne, Rahul, Dianne and I will strive to guide Talk for Change toward progress in these areas.

Into the Sunrise


The first of these areas, growth, includes higher membership and expanded visibility.  Both stem naturally from our mission and our desire to improve the world around us.  As a niche club created to support positive change, it is in our interest to provide the public and nonprofit sectors with as many talented speakers and leaders as possible.  This means recruiting more members, and helping them to become inspiring and effective communicators.  It also means building up a brand and reputation that people will trust and approach for their speaking needs.

Growth is also necessary to keep Talk for Change healthy.  We need people to time and evaluate speeches, run meetings, and compensate for member turnover.  Since members are the reason our club exists, retaining a well-rounded group remains a priority.

In order to achieve growth, we will continue the workshops that brought many of us here, and offer them to other organizations as well.  We will pursue partnerships with local nonprofit networks with the aim of becoming their go-to for speech training.  Finally, we are making a strong commitment to retaining new members, characterized by increased attention to the needs, concerns, and goals of beginners. Continue reading “The Year Ahead: Growth, Quality, Innovation”

New Location : AED, Dupont Circle

We’re excited to announce that the Talk for Change Toastmasters group has found a new home with AED north of Dupont Circle near the Hilton International Conference center at 1875 Connecticut Avenue, NW. As quoted from their own materials,

“AED is an independent, non-profit organization committed to improving health, education, and economic opportunities for the least-advantaged populations in the United States and developing countries around the world.”

Continue reading “New Location : AED, Dupont Circle”

Roles at Talk for Change

Our group’s current officers will not be able to continue serving actively as our lives have, as Kelly Beckwith, VP of Education said at the last meeting, blossomed in ways that we didn’t imagine when we took our responsibilities last year. The Talk for Change Toastmasters Club is a community club in which people from the non-profit and social-benefit industry meet regularly and speak about … Continue reading Roles at Talk for Change