Club Officers Election – June 18, 2014

We will be electing our new officers this Wednesday. Take a look at the roles and get your nominations ready!

President: Provides the leadership and guidance a club needs to be successful. The president leads the business portion of each Club meeting. Schedules regular executive committee meetings and sponsors the Distinguished Club Plan.

VP Education: Has overall responsibility for Club meetings and educational program. Plans all regular and special Club meetings and other special events. Tracks member’s progress and maintains schedule. Signs and approves achievement applications.

VP Membership: Responsible for bringing new members into the Club and ensuring that the Club always has a minimum of 20 members. Helps maintain high quality guest and member experience. Maintains membership and guest lists.

VP Public Relations: Responsible for persuading guests to join the Club and also for attracting guests to meetings through publicity and public relations.

Treasurer: Keeps clear and accurate financial records of Club business and sees that the Club remains financially stable. Ensures timely execution of club business.

Secretary: Responsible for keeping clear and accurate records of meetings and business, including membership records and correspondence.

Sergeant at Arms: Responsible for maintaining materials and equipment between meetings, arranging the room and equipment for the meeting and welcoming all guests and members.


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