Holding it Together for the Next Generation of Toastmasters

Here is a recap from Area 21 Governor Yentzu Chen’s recent speech at TFC:
Holding it Together for the Next Generation 

Main Idea: The Toastmasters programs is still relevant to the needs/goals of young professionals but we have to be proactive and persistent to build the programs and organization we envision.  (This idea should not be radical to most members in TFC)

Keep in mind these 3 points to consider (based on observations):


-Why are you doing this in the first place?  You can have many reasons but know what those are.  

-Do you have a sense of self-motivation? Ex) Is it a political inspiration (John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan?)? 

-Understand the differences in communication styles/modes you’ve learned whether in Toastmasters or elsewhere?  How are you using them everyday?  How can you improve?

-Find your own voice – learn to be unafraid to use it!

-If you have trouble, find a model or inspiration.  Who do you want to sound like?  What do you want to sound like?  Are there fellow Toastmasters you can learn from? — leads to next point–

II-Your Colleagues/Community  

-You learn with others and from others.  All of us have stories to tell–bring them for there is always something to say or share.

-TM is a ready made community – a network of non-judgmental friends who are genuine with you (and vice versa)

-TFC is doing the right thing by first establishing a brand and a raison d’être – inviting all but having a focus on the needs of DC area young professionals working in the area of positive change – you find your voice when you know your passion.

-Pay it forward to fellow young professionals: Toastmasters started as a movement of young men striving to improve themselves.   In the 21st century we should see our young professionals’ Clubs and Chapters as cores of a renewed movement.  

-Invest not just in yourself but in one another: Just like in finance more diversified investment is good–link everyone’s individual purpose to the collective purpose – short term and long term.  Remember like in 1924, we want a mutually supportive and motivating environment that brings social relevance to our communication and leadership training.  In the end, we get the organization we deserve through our efforts. 

III-Your leaders 

-Leaders (i.e. DivGs, AGs, Club Officers) are translators turning TI generalized requirements into realistic goals which tie in to individual aspirations.

-Practically speaking, leaders must understand how to tie individual and collective purposes to fulfill the DCP in a collectively beneficial manner 

-DO NOT reduce to DCP a bean counting exercise for the Club/Area/Division/District to the detriment of individual development-Create a sustainable success not just to achieve goals 

-Remember to adapt: everyone is truly different and unique – their reasons for joining, the ability and level once joined

-Have fun and enjoy learning/listening!  We should look forward to coming to Toastmasters – effort is required but it is something we should want to do (again self motivation). 

Final Clarification Point: In my speech, I support being flexible and adaptable in order to meet today’s needs–that’s not the same thing as throwing away the rule book or disregarding quality standards.  We should always strive for excellence AND effectiveness.


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