Public Speaking for Kids and Beginners

In my opinion, confidence  increases when the speaker has a good grasp of what they are talking about, and if the message actually had a potential to impact the people who are willing to listen. However, I think that practice is the only way to alleviate any inkling of fear, regardless of how much one knows.

There are many aspects of speech delivery which one can improve upon, and one person has made an excellent website for children. Paul wants children to get an advantage by learning how to communicate better. His videos are really basic, and I believe they are also great for any beginners to public speaking. Paul Rigney (Teach Your Kids Public Speaking) covers many basic topics and his videos are available on YouTube:

  • How to open a speech
  • How to close a speech
  • Effective use of notes
  • Having good eye contact with your audience
  • What do you do with your hands when you speak
  • How to use your voice dynamically
  • The importance of recording yourself
  • The importance of opening your mouth when you speak
  • How to avoid using filler words (like uhms and ahs)
  • How to Control nerves and get over the fear of public speaking
  • How to use humour (even in serious speeches)
  • Getting your audience’s attention
  • How to organize a speech in a logical order
  • How to use an overhead projector and microsoft powerpoint
  • When to give out handouts
  • How to speak without notes
  • Keeping to time when you speak

I know many people have a hard time getting through their speech without sounding out their pauses in the form of an “uh” or an “um”. Take a look at this video and learn how to properly use pauses throughout your speech.

More videos are available on Paul Rigney’s YouTube Channel. You can also sign up for his newsletter on his Teach Your Kids Public Speaking website.


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