Presentation Resource : Slideshare

Initially when I began writing this entry for this week, I was thinking about writing about the different ways to position oneself in the context of the audience. However, I realized that there was a burning idea to introduce the great resource for presentations online. I’ll cover positioning yourself in the audience next week.

Slideshare is the YouTube for presentations.

People upload their presentations and it get’s own web page which others can view, comment on, or share on social networks. It is also a great resource to learn about a variety of subjects. In the context of public speaking, there were some good presentations which I’ve enumerated below. I searched for “public speaking” and the top three results were very appropriate. These showed up first because they are relevant and recent. I highly encourage you to review them. Very quick reads.

Public Speaking Program

Public Speaking Program” : Great set of slides to show you how to create a 30-60 minute presentation in 48 hours or less.

Pump Up ..
Pump Up ..

“Pump up your Public Speaking Skills” : A long presentation with numerous slides which can be used more as a reference rather than a model for a presentation. 115 slides is too much in my opinion.

Rhetoric and Argumentation
Rhetoric and Argumentation

“Public Speaking : rhetorical and practical argumentation” : Using the tricks of the ancients, this set of slides teaches the viewer the elements of rhetoric and argumentation, especially context.


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