Different Thinking by Knowing the New

Taming the Prince: The Ambivalence of Modern Executive Power
Taming the Prince: The Ambivalence of Modern Executive Power

Harvey Mansfield tried to encapsulate the essence of the Executive in his book “Taming the Prince“, but in the end he realized something. With all of the expertise he had on Philosophy, Theory, History, and the examples of leaders from the past, he still considered Leadership or characteristics of Leadership, a mystery. Understanding leadership requires being a leader and in being a leader, one must learn from other leaders, as well as be different from them.

On my periodic directed walks of the Internet, I came across a site called alltop.com. On this site, I discovered a great resource of news in specific subject matters in the form of snippets of from web sites and blogs. These snippets, vetted by professionals, is clean of clutter normally seen on the Internet.

One of the subject areas which I’ve added to MyAlltop are items from the Leadership section. In the Leadership section, you’ll see the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, as well as lesser known sources such as “Great Leadership” by Dan, “The Practice of Leadership“, or “The Enlightened Manager“.

By reading the same “credible” news that everyone else reads, one’s mind becomes very similar to everyone else. Sources like AllTop try to find credible sources of  new knowledge and information so that you can be comfortable with what you are reading and yet be different. What use is it to lead if you follow everyone else’s thinking? Leaders are looked upon for thought as well as their action, and it is their thinking that differentiates them enough to take proper action when others aren’t always keen to do the same.


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