Book : Positioning : The Battle for Your Mind

Society and all of its accouterments has a way of shaping the individual as well as the individual has a way to shape the society around them with their own characteristics and qualities. This is what we do at Talk for Change. We find ways to shape and society so that it’s a better place for ourselves in the present and the future. Shaping and changing society is difficult, however being equipped with the proper tools of leadership and communication, there is a better chance of being “seen and heard”.

In the pursuit of being a better communicator and communicating what we want, there is a threshold of resistance of being “seen and heard” because of the structure of people and their habits. Humans, being creatures of habit, are more likely to be influenced by those that they have been influenced by before. This is why it is important to position oneself to be an authority on a subject, or a category of a subject such that the perception of the individual to it’s audience is that of an expert, an expert who is positioned to be at the first, an expert who is positioned to be the best, an expert who is positioned to be at the top of their game.

The Battle for Your Mind
The Battle for Your Mind

When I first read the book “Positioning : The Battle for your Mind” by Al Reis and Jack Trout, I had wanted to see how to “position” by consulting business in a “crowded marketplace”. Before independently publishing their books, Reis and Trout positioned themselves in the market place of marketing experts by collaborating on several books related to marketing and being perceived as the experts. This particular book covers the art of communicating to prospective customers why exactly they should buy your product. This time when I started reading it again for my business research, I realized how the same exact knowledge could be applied to the development of myself as a public speaker and to others who are doing the same.

As a public speaker, we want to be both “seen and heard” in not only the audience that is in front of us, but also those in the audience who can put us infront of other audiences. The methods in this book will help public speakers define their niche as a speaker and think of themselves as a product which they market through their speaking style, and the topic of their speeches.

Talk for Change is currently trying to position itself as the Toastmasters Club for anyone in the Non-Profit, NGO, or the Social Enterprise profession. We realize that these groups are full of people that are working for the betterment of society and want to become better public speakers to advance the cause of their organizations. If you have an idea for social change and need help to become a better communicator, join us and we’ll help you by giving you confidence, and sharing our experience, and our constructive criticism so that you can change the world.


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