Book : Presenting to Win : The Art of Telling your Story

If you are working in the Industry, you are more than likely in a pursuit is to convince people to buy goods or services, donate funds, or sign off on a project. What are the elements of your success in these situations? Will it the glossy “one-pagers” which you have distributed as presentation collateral? Will it be your voice and tone of delivery of the message? Will it be the color of your graphics on your presentation? In many cases, there are a combination of these and many other factors which make you and your presentation win.

Presenting to Win: The Art of Telling Your Story
Presenting to Win: The Art of Telling Your Story

Jerry Weissman, a world reknowned presentation consultant writes an excellent book with exactly what you need to know to practice and present persuasive and convincing presentations. By showing the reader what Weissmen understands about the audience he explains how to create a presentation experience which makes the audience happy.

Every communication has as its goal to take the audience from where they are at the start of your presentation, which is Point A, and move them to your objective, which is Point B. (Presenting to Win, 4)

Some excellent tips which I learned from reading the Executive Summary of this book which I continue to try to use today in both speeches and presentations are the following:

  • What’s in it for the audience? If I know what’s in it for them — the results that come if they do what I am asking them to do — then I am in a better position of getting them to act. (Presenting to Win, 11)
  • How do I get the audience from Point A to Point B? If I know where I’m taking them, then I have a road map to follow. As I give my presentation, they will know where I’m going and look forward the getting to Point B.  (Presenting to Win, 4)
  • What is the proper flow of my presentation? Should it be Modular, a sequence of similar parts? Should it be Chronological, a sequence based in time? Or should it be one of the other 16 flow structures outlined in Chapter 4? (Presenting to Win, 43)

Weissman’s “Presenting to Win” is an excellent resource for communicators who need to present complex ideas and move the audience to take an action. This book is one of the best selling books in Business, and it can be used by anyone who wants to cultivate their presentation skills to win.


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