How to handle Hecklers.

All the rules of civility dictate that one must be quiet, listen and attend to the person with whom they are speaking with so that they may expect the same from them and others. Sometimes that is not the case. When a person is interrupted while in a conversation, they can handle the situation by waiting till the other person is finished before continuing again. When a person is in front of an audience and is interrupted by an “unruly crowd”, different measures have to be taken. The person on stage is in control of the audience when they are on stage, and if they are not, they should be, or learn how to.

Be prepared. Be flexible. Be resolute. (Leadership at Work)

John Baldoni regularly contributes to his blog “Leadership at Work” which is published in association with Harvard Business Publishing. In “How to Speak to an Unruly Crowd” John outlines some basic steps which can help you as a speaker be in and maintain control of your audience regardless of the circumstances.


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