Podcast: Great Speeches in History

At Talk for Change Toastmasters, our members are trying to become good public speakers. As Kyle mentioned in his tip of the week, a great way to become good that is to watch and learn from the Masters who are great. Wouldn’t you love to be able to go see Congressmen, Presidents, and inspirational Business Leaders such as Eric Cantor, Barack Obama, and Steve Jobs in person? Most of us have to deal with our daily work and/or school schedule, and can’t commit to being a groupie. There is another way.

Great Speeches in History
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The Internet provides an abundance of resources to those that can’t make it out to see speakers live and in person. A great resource which I am a fan of is the “Great Speeches in History” Podcast which is published by the LearnOutLoud.com website.

You can add this Podcast to your iTunes to download to your iPod or other MP3 Listening device, or you can listen through their stream-audio player on their site. Thanks for reading and come out to our next meeting.


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