Differentiating Yourself in a Saturated Marketplace

The reasons why we try to be better public speakers are numerous. It doesn’t hurt us. Whether you are working in Business, Government, or Academia, your ability to eloquently deliver your message makes you a valuable resource for your team, company, and your country. Communication is one of the many threads that bind people together in relationships of work, family, and otherwise. Open and clear communication is what keeps people functioning well together. Good leaders are often great communicators.  The current and many former Presidents of the United States are and were both outspoken and eloquent.

By working towards better oratory, you are working towards what most people don’t usually think about when looking at ways to improve their career. In a marketplace, one surefire way to truly win, lead, and create positive change is to differentiate the product from others.

If you look at the recent successes in Business, companies like Google and Apple created products that were so wildly different and had vast differences between performance and quality against the other products. Google was a small company. Apple was on the brink of a soft company death.

By being a better speaker, you are complementing whatever talent you already have with the ability to sell yourself and to let others know your intent. Business people network and meet many others who are in similar industries. Government officials and politicians do the same. At the very least if you are a good speaker, people will know who you are, what you are, what you do, and why you do it a little better than other people they know. If the opportunity comes to hire someone that does what you do, they will more than likely pick someone that happens to be more memorable and pleasant to the ears. You can most definitely enhance your memorability in a saturated marketplace with your voice and your communications ability.

Of course you need a lot more in Business than words to succeed. Your ability to speak well publicly won’t hurt.


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