Book : Speak like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln

A great book for people that want to learn how to impact others with words.

Lincoln and Churchill were some of the greatest orators of their time. Both had to over their fear and inability to speak publicly with practice, patience, and more practice. Churchill used to write out his speeches with overt “Power Pauses” so that he knew went to stop talking, look at the crowd, make eye contact, and resume with the next sentence. Lincoln was a soft spoken giant, yet he used his stature and pose along with his persistence and determination to achieve his goals both in oratory and in leadership.

This book was part of the curriculum in one of my classes at Georgetown University on Leadership and the Professor didn’t have to emphasize enough how important it was for a leader to be ability to communicate their vision to their followers. Speechmaking and oratory has been the time tested method for leaders to influence and create the changes in society.

Our Toastmasters club is aptly named “Talk for Change” and I thought this was a great book to recommend to those that want to influence the world with their words.


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